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D1.1 Six monthly activity progress report

This report provides a complete administrative and technical overview of the GEEWHEZ project. The analysis of these six months starts with the major achievements approached until M6 compared with the ones foreseen in the same period, the effort spent by each partner to produce the obtained results, the risks faced and how they have been resolved.

After a general description of the project the report moves inside each project WP detailing the work, the achievements and the eventually deviations from the scheduled plan.

The report underlines that the project presents a little delay in the development aspects due to several reasons, starting from financial issues producing a budget reallocation and change of solutions ownership, until new partner inclusion due to certification requests.

All these problems have been solved at the end of month 6 (March 2012) and, albeit on delay, all the results approached so far and the contingency plans, presented to recover the delay accumulated, are consistently to recover the time lost without asking for a new project amendment.


D1.2 Consortium Agreement


D2.1 Considered Scenarios

This deliverable is the first GEEWHEZ report in charge of the definition of the use cases related to the Surveillance system and to the Water monitoring system.

The deliverable has been produced in task T2.1 and will be update during the life of the project with the details belonging to the other applications, ERP and Leisure system.

Starting from this report the RTDPs will provide the basis for the definition of the requirements (WP2) and for the design of the future GEEWHEZ applications (WP5).


D2.2 Analysis of scenarios and extraction of functional and non-functional requirements

This deliverable is a consecution of D.2.1 Considered Scenarios. More specifically, in this deliverable (D.2.2. Analysis of scenarios and extraction of functional and non - functional requirements) both functional and not functional requirements are analyzed. Therefore, the requirements of the software applications, as well as the equipment needed for the surveillance and water monitoring adds-on are been determined in this deliverable. Thus, D.2.2 will pave the way to the GEEWHEZ development process identifying the aforementioned requirements.


D2.3 Market analysis

This deliverable is a report on the work done under task 2.4 of Work Package 2. The purpose of this document is to investigate and analyse who are the GEEWHEZ system stakeholders, what are the market niches that GEEWHEZ could lead/drive and how GEEWHEZ solution could be presented in these markets.

The existing management tools are described and analysed in respect of the GEEWHEZ main functionalities:

  • Water Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Leisure
  • Administration

In this report we want to underline how these systems currently works and how they could be improved using GEEWHEZ. The main idea in the market


D3.1 System architecture specification

This deliverable reports the overview of the first version of the system architecture for user applications in the first iteration: Surveillance System and the Water Monitoring System.

Thanks to the outcomes of the deliverables D.2.1 “Considered Scenarios” and D.2.2 “Analysis of scenarios and extraction of functional and non - functional requirements”, this deliverable reports the system architecture and first definition of interface specification between the two add-ons and the middleware, describing the communication mechanism that needs to be developed and adapted.

The definition and the design of the data structure that will pass to/from the middleware from/to the user applications is also addressed and specified in this deliverable.

This deliverable will pave the way in the definition of the final architecture and in the design and development of the middleware, assuring a coherent and reliable interface between developed add-ons and the middleware.



This deliverable captures the GEEWHEZ project Test Plan intended to describe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. The document also identifies the test plan deliverables, the participants responsible for implementing each task, and the risks associated with the plan.

This document (D6.1 delivered at month 4 of the project) is intended to serve as a framework document for the consideration of these issues. During the development of the testing activities it shall be used in conjunction with the followings:

  • Considered scenarios
  • Analysis of scenarios and extraction of functional and non-functional requirements
  • System Architecture Specification


D7.1 Interim plan for the use and dissemination of the knowledge

This deliverable summarizes the dissemination strategy that is planned for GEEWHEZ. The key target groups for the dissemination are twofold: members of the Consortium and potential users such as managers at Thematic Parks, Zoos and Aquaria. To reach the awareness of the project, dissemination will be supported by communication materials such as a web site, leaflets, power point presentations, posters, a number of videos and press release to media and conferences. A graphical identity was also created with logo and templates for text documents and presentations. In addition, members will participate at meetings and conferences that will also allow the dissemination of GEEWHEZ platform.

Additionally, this report provides information about the dissemination activities that have been conducted during the first nine months (up to June 2012) and an estimation of activities that will be performed in the next 6 months.

Keywords. Report, Research, Dissemination. Exploitation.


D7.2 Web site

This Deliverable represents the starting point of the dissemination activities that will be arranged during the project life time. The GEEWHEZ web site is running from the 28th of December.

This document as to be considered ONLY as a notification of the realisation of the first version of the GEEWHEZ web site; as indicated in the proposal the web site will be update each 3 months with documents and activities concerning the advancement of GEEWHEZ project.