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This application will attempt to increase the visitors´ interest during their stay at the Park. GEEWHEZ includes a wireless/mobile network that will cover the whole Park like a global hot spot Wi-Fi area. GEEWHEZ will provide a mobile application (free download) to access to the middleware network. Visitors will receive this application at their smartphone for free at their entrance of the Park. Once accepted, visitors will have access to different services such as:

  1. Digital map of the zoo to be used at GPS applications. All the enclosures and interesting areas (restaurant, shop, services etc) should appear in that map.
  2. GPS application. Visitors would be able to move within the zoo using GPS technology. The application should show the track to the selected area or enclosure in the same way as road GPS.
  3. Information about the specific discounts, offers, feeding spectacles, etc. and other special ticketing issues for particular attraction or event, not included in the daily ticket.
  4. Retail services, visitors can choose to buy photos or souvenirs by means of the Park intranet and withdraw them at the end of the day.
  5. Waiting time of people at attractions, restaurants etc. Visitors could receive information about waiting times by people at a queue for specific attractions or events.
  6. Visit scheduling, showing the Park attractions starting time in agree with the main visitors' interests.

The application will provide three different information levels to visitors as follows:

  • First level. Visitors will be informed about what´s up this day (new interesting births to observe, the blooming of a particular plant, a new spectacle, day offer, information about a particular event (Woodland day, Geewhez day etc.)
  • Second level. Visitor in front of a particular enclosure should receive information about animals they are looking at. For instance, "We keep 3 giraffes at our enclosure (one pair and a young female born in 2010. Look at the three horns. Females are easy to recognize because of... "
  • Third level. Visitors interested on more detailed information (e.g. about giraffe´s basic information) will have the opportunity to access to our web site where general information will be available. Information will be accessible via QRC technology.