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GEEWHEZ will provide a solution for the inspection and monitoring of water parameters in theme marine parks where different species of marine mammals are hosted. Variables to be monitored are water temperature, chlorine level, pH and water temperature. Furthermore, GEEWHEZ will allow the automatic control of disinfection and sterilization, by using medium pressure UV system or chlorine based oxidants methods. The software will send an alert message via mobile phone or dial a phone number in case of something is going wrong with the whole system. The information will be store into GEEWHEZ platform giving the opportunity for further analysis.

GEEWHEZ will also allow the monitoring of the fine operation of the water pumps and filters. In some cases, the water monitoring system will be connected through the proper network with supplementary electric generators to provide power if needed. An alert signal (either through SMS or phone call) will be generated when the system detects an error.

This application will be combined with the surveillance system of the pool area (detecting for instance, foreign objects falling into the pool).