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RTPs that conforms the Consortium have a multidisciplinary area of expertise according to GEEWHEZ capacities. The RTPs of the Consortium are as follows:

  • Prominent (Italy) and TECHNOVATION (Chipre): These RTD performer have a broad experience on water analysis and management. These companies provide technical solutions for water monitoring system.
  • FAICO (Spain): This RTD performer inside the consortium with specific skill on image detection and analysis. Its main activity is the integration of machine vision-based image analysis in the surveillance solution inside GEEWHEZ.
  • UC3M (Spain): This company has a huge experience in software system development by the implementation of the administrative and management add-on (ERP). Moreover UC3M will provide a great support in the leisure add on implementation.
  • T-CONNECT: Due to its previous experience in other EU and national projects, focused on middIeware design and implementation, T-Connect's main role is the realization of the GEEWHEZ distributed middleware. In cooperation with UC3M, T-Connect will realise the mobile infrastructure and applications able to collect info from the visitors of the parks

Now, we present a detailed description of each RTP.

Technovation Solutions Ltd (Chipre)
Infrastructure DiagramTechnovation Solutions is a dynamic research performing SME possessing research experience in a wide range of industries, such as: Industrial management, Construction management, Renewable energy sources and Offshore aquaculture. In addition, the company has an extensive network of associates both in Cyprus, Europe and Globally. This network includes SMEs, SME associations, large Companies and well-known Academic Institutions / Research Centres. In particular, Technovation Solutions has the following Innovation Competences and Research experience:

  • Innovation Competence:
    • Offshore aquaculture operations analysis, mapping and optimisation.
    • Mooring system design and construction including dynamic environmental loading parameters determination, extreme loading scenario generation and respective structural analysis.
    • Cost-benefit analysis (deterministic & stochastic) of alternative offshore aquaculture investments and their respective merits.
    • Offshore stand-alone renewable energy system design and deployment to support offshore aquaculture operations.
    • Environmental parameters monitoring and analysis to establish how these affect offshore aquaculture operations.
  • Research Experience:
    • Developed a deterministic / stochastic model of offshore aquaculture operations and respective costs.
    • Developed an optimisation tool of offshore aquaculture operations and fingerling placement / demand satisfaction strategies and respective merits.
    • Currently develops a methodology for offshore aquaculture mooring requirements investigation and mooring scenario development.
    • It is about to initiate a research endeavour to develop a smart feed management data tool for offshore aquaculture industry with the aid of a stand-alone renewable energy system.
    • Currently works with Cyprus Commercial Banks association and a software Company to develop an "Operational Risk" software tool for the Banking Sector. The role of Technovation is to define system requirements, and mathematically model risk elements, develop mathematical processes necessary, and results interpretation tool.
    • Currently works with a large consortium of food sector companies to develop economic feasibility analysis of adopting new food packaging High Pressure Treatment Technology. This analysis is to be based on Internal Rate of Return analysis and Activity Based Costing approach. Deterministic and Stochastic approaches will be employed.
    • Developed a Quality assurance tool for the Construction Industry applied to small residential houses sector. Key construction processes were mapped, and respective quality checks were identified. Statistical analysis of gathered data was organised and results' outlook was designed.

Fundación Andaluza De Imagen, Color y Óptica (FAICO, Spain)
logo FAICOFAICO is the Innovation and Technology Centre in Graphic Arts, Image, Colour and Optics located in Sevilla (Spain). Since it was established in 2003, the non-profit organization has promoted and conducted applied research and technological development to reinforce the competitive strength of its customers, mainly SMEs.

FAICO is officially qualified as Technology and Innovation Support Centre by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, being today a Technology Reference Centre in the industry. FAICO specializes in the fields of Machine Vision, 3D Design/Digitizing, Graphic Arts and Optics Engineering. Our mission is to provide the customers with the best technological solutions tailored to their needs. We apply our resources to develop, implement and optimize industrial processes and products in relevant fields of expertise. The main RTD activities and technological Solutions are as follows:

  • Machine Vision Applications
  • 3D Design/Digitizing
  • Printing Technology

Since its foundation FAICO has been involved in several RTD projects applied in different industrial areas:

  • A2 TRANSFER. Transfer of automation technologies in the agrofood industry in the regions of Andalusia and Alentejo (POCTEP).
  • RETICs. Ocular Pathology for Ageing, Visual and Life Quality (Spanish Ministry of Health).
  • MANOSVISUAL. Dissemination and availability of paleontological resources for blind people (Spanish Ministry for Culture).
  • VirSSPA'10. Integrating a commercial 3D Digitizer in an automated operating room (Spanish Hospital "V.del Rocío").
  • CONTECTIC. Digital Cultural Contents in a Virtual 3D Exhibition (Spanish Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade).
  • THERMOGRAPHIC MONITORING. Themographic Monitoring of industrial ovens of cement (Spanish Ministry for Industry).
  • DETECTION OF MORPHOLOGICAL MALFORMATIONS. Detection of morphological malformations of sea fishes in a fish farm using machine vision technologies. (Andalusian Department for Sciences and Innovation).
  • CLASSIFICATION OF CRAYFISHES. Automated processing plant of crayfishes. Detection and classification of crayfishes (Private Funding).

Andalucí FAICO. Centro de desarrollo tecnológico, 3D y realidad virtual.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
logo universidad Carlos III de MadridThe Carlos III University of Madrid was created in 1989 with the objective of providing high quality and efficient service to society through education. The university is divided into three schools: Social Science and Law School; Documentation, Communication and Humanities School, and the Engineering School. The university offers high quality and competitive doctoral studies as it is derived from the fact that it was the first university in Spain to obtain the Quality Distinction for all its Ph.D. programs awarded by the Ministry of Education. In the recent call of "International Excellence Campus" of the Spanish Ministry, the University has received the highest award.

The Engineering School includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechanical, Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. Its faculty includes 381 full time members plus about 370 part time teaching staff and has an enrolment of 5497 undergraduate students. Within the Carlos III University and its Engineering School, the Department of Telematic Engineering has its teaching activity in the Computer Science and Telecommunication degrees; and its research activity in the area of technologies related to communications, services and applications. In the year 2005 it participated in the submission of 32 research proposals (10 of them to projects funded by the European Union).

The research activities are organized into two groups. The Group of Telematic Applications and Services (GAST) has research experience and participates in projects related to semantic web technologies, technology enhanced learning, ubiquitous computing, real time computing and intelligent environments. The group and its team of about 36 members have more than 15 years experience participating and coordinating both national and international research projects. As two examples of this activity, the group participated in the NEWS (News Engine Web Services) project in the scope of the VI Framework Programme. The group was also the coordinating partner of the E&LANE (Europe and Latin America New Education) project, a 10 partner project funded by the @LIS Programme (Alliance for the Information Society) of the EuropeAID Coooperation Office.

T-Connect Srl (Italy)
logo T Connect T-Connect is set up in AREA Science Park, in Trieste, one of the leading multi-sectorial Science Parks in Europe. T-Connect is a SME highly involved in research and development objective mainly focused on software design and implementation for mobile / wireless inclusion. The interest of T-Connect in this research niche is demonstrated by the several EU and National projects where T-Connect are involved:

  • Location based system design and development (POLLICINO, CAMMEO);
  • Access control (MGC)
  • Smart environment / building (Hydra, SMART-D, XTRACE)
  • New communication solution (MIMAX, PENforCEC - in this project T-Connect is a consultant of University of Rome Tor Vergata)

Currently T-Connect is in negotiation phase for EFIRE, an EUROSTAR programme project focused on the implementation of a monitoring network for fire detection in remote woody areas and it is waiting for the evaluation of the following research projects:

  • RIMAC, an intelligent county network able to manage the energy flows (coming from renewable sources and from the classical distribution network) in a group of buildings
  • LOG2PORT, a distributed system for mobile/wireless devices to manage logistic inside harbours
  • Urban Sensing
  • DMAP