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logo zoomarineZoomarine Italia Spa (Italy)
Zoomarine Italia is a marine entertainment park, composed by different structures that reproduce several marine habitats with their fauna and flora, including dolphins, seals and sea lions as well as tropical and aquatic birds (> 40 species). ZooMarine Italia is located 20 km south of Rome and a extension of 34 hectares. It began its activity in 2005.

Its philosophy guidelines are Education, Research, Conservation and Entertainment. Zoomarine´s main activities are centered in educating and entertaining our audience to look at the oceans, as a worldwide common natural resource, for a different and more responsible individual approach. Its main goal is therefore, to preserve marine life through a journey into a world of fantasy and fun, in which nature is the common language.

The attractions available at the park are as follows: 6 Public exhibitions including 5 Animal exhibitions and 1 "crazy diving" exhibitions; more than 10 Attractions; 1 Swimming Pool with 2.000 m2 and 1 Aquapark with 6 water slides. During the last two years, Zoomarine has developed a new aquatic park area for water entertainment. All the attractions and entertainment are supported by commercial areas reaching 11 F&B points and 6 merchandising and side products points in 2010. The park in 2010 reached the goal of 500.000 visitors registering a 45% growth rate.

logo zoobotanico jerezZooBotánico Jerez (Spain)
ZooBotánico Jerez was formally named as “Patronato Municipal de Parque Zoológico Alberto Durán”. It is a typical zoo that belong to Jerez municipality. It was open in 1955. With an area of 6.6 hectares and a privileged position in south of Spain, it has been considered the most important animal collection in Andalucía, with ca. 1000 specimens of more than 200 species. The Botanical garden has over 500 species of different plants, trees and palm trees. Number of visitors per year is around 170.000.

The main interests of ZooBotánico Jerez are Education, Conservation and Research. The institution participates in 30 conservation and breeding projects coordinated by EAZA. Many of them involve endangered Iberian fauna such as the Iberian lynx, Lesser kestrel, Black vulture, European mink, White-headed duck, among others. ZooBotánico Jerez has several agreements with different organisms and institutions like universities, local and regional environment governments and Spanish environment ministry. ZooBotánico Jerez also participates in a number of international conservation projects.

tiergarten NurnbergTiergarten der Stadt Nürnberg [Tiergarten, Germany]
The Zoological Garden Nürnberg is located in a unique landscape the Schmausenbuck and is part of the Reichswald, a formerly huge forest area of more than 20.000 hectares. Some of the most important quarries were also part of the Reichswald along the Schmausenbuck. The rocky landscapes of the old quarries and the mixed cultivation of the Reichswald define the landscapes around the Zoo.

Nürnberg Zoo is Germany’s second largest Zoo (> 63 Ha) with approximately 2000 animals and 300 different species. With 1 Million visitors every year the Zoo is an all-year round favourite attraction. As a leading conservation organization Nürnberg Zoo has been committed to protecting biodiversity for nearly 100 years. Through educational activities the Zoo is actively engaged in informing the public about the problems biodiversity in facing worldwide.

Zoo Nürnberg is also participating in different EEP´s and is coordinating and holding the Malayan Tapir and Manatee EEP, both coordinated by EAZA. In cooperation with different Universities the Zoo also conducts a number of research projects intending to understand the biology of wild animals. The Zoo main specialization is to focus on animals and plants from three different habitats: Forest, Water and Desert. Projects in connection with these habitats are intensively supported and the zoo's visitors are informed about the habitats' animals and plants.

Matematici Srl (Italy)logo matematici

Matematici is a software company and a web agency. As web agency, Matematici realized relevant e commerce sites, celebrity sites, b2b platforms, corporate sites, web applications, such as,,, Furthermore, Matematici designs mini web sites (e-flyers) committed by big enterprises (as Samsung, Nokia, Chevrolet, etc.) for incentive or promotion activities, product launches and conventions. As system integrator, Matematici worked under various environments, in particular Microsoft Navision, in projects where it was required a customizations of the existing platforms and also the development of new modules or whole applications to integrate in the system. Thus, it has worked for Cinecittà Studios SpA. Furthermore, Matematici developed a web based ERP called “Attivision”, which offers several modules including warehouse management, sales management and master data management and integrates with Navision, which is used only for the financial management and another small number of purposes.

As software house, Matematici has developed a lot of application packages. The more relevant are as follow:

  • A web based application called “Catasto enti” used by public administrations to join together data coming from different scenarios and databases about buildings and citizens, to navigate through this information, to view associated binary data (as planimetries, maps, etc.), to produce cross database certifications, to normalize data, etc.
  • A software suite called “Made” containing a generic ERP, a call-center application, a module for event management, an ERP specific for a clothing industry
  • A web based ERP called “Efashion” specific for clothing industry.

logo gamma solutionGamma Solutions Sl (Spain)
Gamma Solutions defines themselves as a global telecommunications services and renewable energy to provide value-added services to major telecommunications projects, where technology and knowledge are a key differentiator. Gamma Solutions is located in Leganés (Madrid, Spain), and started its activity almost seven years ago. During this time, betting on the RDI has been the strategy of the firm. Currently, the four core business areas are engineering for mobile networks, telecommunications consulting, Energy and R & D.

  1. Engineering for Mobile Networks: Gamma Solutions in this area offers direct marketing, radio planning, and transmission engineer for the construction of the site, monitoring work, integration and optimization technologies GSM, EGSM, DCS, UMTS and HSDPA. Gamma Solutions has been a leader in the deployment of the mobile network for Telefónica Móviles in EGSM Extremadura, Asturias, the Canary and Balearic Islands.
  2. Telecommunication Consulting: Gamma Solutions provides technical assistance, market analysis and technology consulting business and "customizing" of mobility services. The technologies that are best known RFID, NFC, UWB, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Bluetooth, ZigBee, PLC, LMDS. Customers are many and varied, including public administration. Noteworthy among all consulting services performed, provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade to monitor satellite services.
  3. Energy: Energy area is based on two activities:
    a. Photovoltaic energy on roofs.
    b. Energy efficiency
  4. R & D: The knowledge acquired during these years has led the company to investigate and develop solutions from the area of R & D, always led to the telecommunications sector, projects with high added value, high invested since 2006, representing a high economic effort, which is expecting great rewards.

logo pentos AGPentos AG
Pentos AG is an international IT consultant and service provider specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS). Many large global corporations rely on the services of this Munich-based company for process planning, interface design and the day-to-day operation of their business.

Pentos expertise extends to the area of Service and Demand Management, to the operation and/or optimization of the infrastructures used in IBM Lotus Notes / Domino or Microsoft Exchange / SharePoint, and to the development of solutions for mobile devices. The company stands out from its competitors by virtue of its ability to deliver vendor-independent advice and the sheer breadth of its software range. Depending on customer requirement, Pentos will implement systems devised by its partner organizations or its own product developments.

Pentos AG has been a Certified IBM Premium Business Partner since 2000 and a Certified Microsoft Partner since 2008. Partnerships with leading software providers such as Binarytree Inc., Clarizen Inc., Success Factors Inc. and Transend Corp. provide ongoing assurance of the best possible outcome for Pentos AG customers. In 2008, the achievements of Pentos AG were recognized with the award of DIN ISO 9001:2000 certification. The medium-term goal of Pentos AG is to consolidate its position as an independent SaaS consultant and integrator.