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GEEWHEZ is a new and innovative portable, customizable platform designed for plug-in modules to support SMEs on their diary business activities at Theme and Animal Parks. Previous solutions showed little flexibility and specificity for what concerns existing SMEs and in some cases, a hard to understand procedure.

GEEWHEZ will integrate information for the entire park infrastructure and will show the information really needed to satisfy the park requests in terms of reliability, maintenance, standard, security and safety. The platform will provide a solid engine (an ad-hoc middleware) able to develop, maintain, and enhance an ERP, where all the basic tasks can be achieved CONFIGURING and NOT PROGRAMMING the system; it will be flexible enough to assure access and to upgrade all the core functionalities whenever needed.

GEEWHEZ platform is reliable, easy to use and completely customisable to Park and zoos needs hence, useful in a wide variety of practical applications by

  • Supporting SMEs during their resource management control adapted to their particular characteristics and requirements (shop, restaurants ...).
  • Collecting data gathered by GEEWHEZ platform and comparing with reference values to take real time decisions.
  • Using a single, easy to handle and customized tool for user with little programming or analyzing skills.
  • Showing a robust and structured enough platform to guarantee an extreme easy-to-handle interface.
  • The use of a flexible enough tool to integrate the whole software solution.

GEEWHEZ lays on a common infrastructure, a middleware where the different modules can be connected and can share information among them. Furthermore, GEEWHEZ will integrate the information provided by these modules allowing new correlated analysis. The modules are as follows:

  • Management and control of resources as for instance tickets, retail management or restaurant.
  • Water monitoring system. The automatic control of basic physic-chemical parameters of the water for aquatic animals at pools.
  • Surveillance system. The automatic control of both visitorsĀ“ behaviour and animals at their enclosure including the surveillance of escaping animals especially at night.
  • Leisure system. A wireless/mobile network available for visitors at their mobile device. The application will allow visitors to receive a number of services which make its visit much interesting. This application will be available at the whole Park by a wireless network (Fig. 1)..

GEEWHEZ Diagram Fig.1